[120mm Yashica D]

Crosses hidden in the landscape in Staunton, Virginia.

[120mm Yachica D]


[120mm Yashica-D]

A light leaky photo of the forest in Bondville, VT. 

[120mm Diana F+]

Good ol’ Black Eyed Susan(s).

Ringwood, NJ

[120mm Yashica-D]

Matt resting in our hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. 

[120mm Yashica-D]

Rainy day woman.

Hoboken, NJ

[120mm Yaschica-D] 

Girl standing in the Lincoln, overlooking the Washington; midnight. 

Washington, D.C.

[120mm Yashica-D]

Somewhere between New Jersey and Pittsburgh, PA.

[120mm Yashica - D]

August. I miss you, summer. 

Ringwood, NJ

[120mm Yashica-D]


Wayne, NJ

[120mm Yashica-D]

Bradford. Steven. Shavin.’

[120mm Diana F+]

[The raining always starts…]

120mm film photo.

Little Falls, NJ

Another from the wedding, 120mm film. They’re a perfect couple :) 

Rockaway, NJ